Repurposing Our Liked Songs

Amateurs attempt at rediscovering musical gems on Spotify

Step 1: Set Up

Source: Million Playlist Dataset Challenge
Compiled averages of randomly selected 25,000 playlists.
A visualization for the above averages.
Potential correlation between song length and playlist duration.
Shows correlation between all Spotify features.
Key: 0 = C major, 1 = C# major, 2 = D major, 3 = D# major, … 11 = B major.
0 is minor, 1 is major.

Step 2: Create the Model

Elbow Method for Sample. Concluded 40 playlists would be optimal.

Step 3: Analyzing our Playlists.

Violin plot of features across all 40 playlists.
A more digestible violin plot.
A more digestible subset.

Step 4: So… are we getting hired?

Source: How Does Spotify Know You So Well?
Source: How Spotify Recommends Your New Favorite Artist
Figure 10.1: Source: Understanding Audio Data

hello! i’m anushka :o i am a sophomore at the upenn studying computer science, design, & entrepreneurship! interested in tech, start-ups, art, music, & coffee

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